Slider Technologies Certified Distributor of Gamatronic Electronic Industries

Slider Technologies Certified Distributor of Gamatronic Electronic Industries
Bringing First-Rate Uninterruptible Power Supply to Poland

May 15, 2018, Warsaw, Poland.

Today, Slider Technologies announces that it has officially received certification to distribute Gamatronic Electronic Industries’ power systems in Poland. Slider Technologies works together with manufacturers to provide reliable power systems for various applications including IT, medical, military and industrial infrastructure. Slider Technologies offers a wide range of solutions tailored to its clients’ needs and based on high-quality brand equipment to guarantee long-lasting and failure-free operation.  

Slider Technologies provides warranty and post-warranty service. Slider’s team of highly efficient specialists in the field of power supply provides repair and maintenance service at the highest level.

Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd has almost 50 years of experience in power electronics and is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of modular Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems. Gamatronic engineers are experts in development, custom design, and system support. Among the company’s product offering include:

  • Modular UPS systems.
  • Standard UPS systems available in a wide range of outputs.
  • Power systems
  • Systems for the control, monitoring and management of sites
  • Modular DC to AC Inverters
  • Modular DC to DC Inverters
  • Customized products designed according clients’ demands and needs

Elad Rabi, Director of Sales EMEA and East Africa says, “Slider Technologies is a well-known brand in Poland. They have a deep understanding of the industry and technology and their team of professionals really know how to satisfy their customers’ technical and budget needs. We see this as a win-win-win opportunity – for customers, for Slider and for Gamatronic.”

Piotr Butwiłowicz. Slider Technologies CEO says, “Gamatronic are pioneers in uninterruptible power supply. We are happy to be able to offer our customers top quality, reliable power systems to ensure their applications run 24/7. We look forward to backing up Poland’s power with Gamatronic systems.”

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