Airlines, railways, marine, electric buses all require uninterruptible power supply to ensure continuous power. Airports and airlines rely on UPSs for flight simulators, airport baggage check, security clearance, conveyor belts, control rooms, control towers, air-conditioning, and emergency and escape lighting. Airborne equipment relies on frequency converters so that they can be lightweight and can be tested on the ground.
Railways need UPS for signaling systems, control rooms, locomotives’ and railway car auxiliary power. Gamatronic is a leading player in railway electrification. Electric buses rely on the company’s high power DC EV chargers to enable environmental-friendly, cost-effective transportation.
Marine applications, be it onshore or offshore, civilian or military demand specific power expertise and standard certification. Gamatronic offers UPSs, frequency converters and telecom power solutions that are modular and easily serviceable so that your load remains constant and unaffected during maintenance. From private luxury yachts to military submarine docking stations, it is smooth sailing with Gamatronic.
Gamatronic’s line of control and management (C&M) products enables you to remotely monitor and manage your critical power.