Info & Details

An online fully-digitized double- conversion UPS with parallel redundant features, THDi ? 4%, output power factor 0.9 and overall efficiency AC/AC of up to 94%.
This system is a highly reliable, environmentally-friendly and efficient power supply. The µPS-GA’s touch screen interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

µPS-GA System Features

  • Input THDi <= 4%
  • Input Power Factor ? 0.99
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Overall efficiency up to 94%
  • Efficiency up to 98% on ECO mode
  • Full-digitized non-master slave equalized current control parallel redundancy technology
  • Parallel up to 8 units (10-40kVA, 8 Units; 60-120kVA, 6 Units)
  • Common battery banks for parallel operation
  • Intelligent battery management to extend battery life
  • Flexible battery configuration -selfevaluation and auto periodical discharge settings to activate non-use batteries
  • Intuitive and user-friendly 5” / 7” LCD color touch screen simplifies user operation (5” for 10-40kVA; 7” for 60-120kVA)
  • Powerful communication: SNMP adapter, RS232 / 485, EPO
  • Intelligent cooling system and multi-level protection design

Safe, Reliable, Easy Maintenance

  • Flexible single or dual utility power input to comprehensively protect load devices
  • Front modular maintenance design